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Charity Shop Piecing Together

Found this while sorting my fabric in the garage into various plastic drawers that I bought at Go Lo for half price (guess it is because they are under receiver’s orders) I also managed to construct the two sets of drawers myself! Of course that was after discovering halfway through the first one that it was upside down! No problem.just turned it right side upalthough I had been wondering how the drawers would go in! I now have two sets of drawerseach with seven drawers and two linen cupboards, full of fabric. It sounds like a lot but its not a patchpun intendedon many quilters. I do intend to go through and cull anything that i do not think i can use within the next five years however. That way I have a realistic chance of using up a lot of my upholstery fabric as well as gifting a lot of fabric to the various appeals and charities which are always in need of fabrics and quilts for that matter.

My new friend Aneela, of Comfort Stitching has some stunning photos on flickr of her duvet covers made using Laura Ashley fabrics.

As well as Liberty and Philip Jacobs, see the fabulousness above, and she also makes quilts using her daughters old clothes. I was so thrilled for Aneela this week when well known fabric designer Philip Jacobs commented on her flickr photo which showcased a lot of his fabrics which she is going to make into a quilt. What a great guyhe joined our groups immediately and got straight into commentingchatting reallyand well, I was so happy for my creative ladies and menthat he was just so approachable.

I mentioned to him that I have some Brunschwig and Fils fabric which is a reproduction of a Russian priests robe from a museum. It has big and blowsey flowers, quite like Philips work. I have several museum reproductions.all found in the local charity shop over the years. I usually share half of my finds with my friends straight away but I still manage to have quite a bit downstairs! Here is a taste of some of the museum collection.

My drawers are useful as it makes it so much easier for me to access all my fabric. I find large plastic storage boxes exceptionally good against mold and moths etc but with my spinal issue I cannot lift the many boxes off each otherit is much more sensible this way. Although I probably should store the museum ones in folders of some sortalso the chintz ones as it is not good to have folds in thosethey leave a mark which just will not come out.

When I was diving into all the plastic boxes and canvas bags in the garage I found the Sanderson tote bag which I had started and also the vintage Sanderson  linen fabric which I had started to make into a throw  and matching quilt years ago and then I could not find it again.

It is really calling to me as there is so very much of itI found two chaircovers and that is a lot of fabric [about three metres by two metres…each] Which reminds me, I also found two bedspreads in another Sanderson print last year just prior to the debacle in the charity shop have  a little news about that. One of the women who had worked at the local branch of the store where I had the incident has resigned from the charity ..and yes she left the charity not that branch of the charity after many years of service there. She was  a difficult person at times but a hard worker and could run rings around the new manager and often did. More on this in the coming weeks.keep tuned!

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How to Use your Sewing Machine

sewing for beginners

Learn the basics of your sewing machine and sew your first stitches by following along with me!

This video includes:
→ A tour of my Singer Advance & common sewing machine parts
→ How to thread your machine
→ How to wind a bobbin
→ How to sew your first stitches
→ Backstitching to complete your sewing
→ How to trim thread so it won’t be pulled into your machine


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